Export of Petrochemical and polymer materials

Exporting Petrochemicals and polymer products to Asian and European countries

Production and supply of petroleum products

Production and supply of Aviation fuel, light and heavy hydrocarbons

Production and Supply of various Chemical materials

Production and supply of various chemical materials for wood, textile, and paper industries

Kimiyajohar Co. Manufacturer and Supplier of Chemical and Petrochemical Products: A visual representation showcasing our extensive range of chemical and petrochemical products. We specialize in serving industries such as paper manufacturing, textile production, and cleaning agents. Visit our website for more information about our company and offerings.

Kimia Johar Co. was founded in 2017 with a clear mission: to supply high-quality chemical and petrochemical raw materials to meet the demands of domestic and foreign downstream industries. The company has since established itself as a leading importer and supplier of a diverse range of chemical materials, while also expanding its business to include the export of petrochemicals and petroleum products to international markets.

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