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About us

Kimiya Johar Rah Abrisham Company was established in 2017 with the aim of supplying the required chemical and petroleum raw materials for domestic and foreign downstream industries. The company specializes in importing and supplying various chemicals for different industries and exporting petroleum products. Since the beginning of its activity, the company has been able to attract customer satisfaction by providing high-quality raw materials, timely delivery, and excellent customer service, which has built our reputation as our primary capital.

We are proud to have contributed to the supply of chemical and petroleum products for the main industries in our country and helped to support the production cycle in various industrial sectors through our continuous activity.

Sales & Marketing

Kimiya Johar, relying on statistics and information, continuous analysis of markets and sufficient knowledge of petrochemical and petroleum product manufacturers, consumers, domestic and foreign trade, buyers, exporters, and sellers, is ready to market and sell the products of production units and factories in the form of exclusive sales and domestic and export branding of goods. With the help of experienced and knowledgeable experts and its extensive advertising and marketing network, Kimiya Johar aims to provide a sustainable market for its own products and the products of other institutions in this field.

Import & Export

  • Importing high-quality chemical raw materials at reasonable prices based on the orders of domestic production companies and factories from selected countries, taking into account the authenticity of the chemical materials.
  • Collaboration and partnership with chemical material importers in the field of marketing, sales, and branding of imported goods.
  • Exporting high-quality products of domestic production units, including chemical and petroleum products, which have the potential and capacity for export, is among the achievements of this company.
  • Based on our experience and knowledge of solutions and executive platforms, we offer consultation and facilitation for the sale and export of domestically produced goods to neighboring countries, along with the purchase of their raw materials, to increase the sales and exports of domestic products. Therefore, we invite all petrochemical and petroleum product manufacturers to collaborate with our company and benefit from our specialized export services for professional marketing and sales within the country.


To pioneer the future of chemical and petroleum solutions, fostering a legacy of unwavering customer focus, environmental responsibility, and continuous innovation. 



Empower partners with agile, sustainable chemical and petroleum solutions. Drive innovation, anticipate needs, and deliver exceptional service as a reliable partner.



Agility: Responding swiftly and adapting to changing market demands and customer needs.

Sustainability: Prioritizing environmentally responsible practices throughout the supply chain.

Innovation: Continuously seeking new and improved solutions that push the boundaries of the chemical and petroleum industry.

Partnership: Fostering strong, collaborative relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

Exceptional Service: Delivering unparalleled customer support that exceeds expectations.

Customer Focus: Keeping the needs and priorities of your partners at the forefront of every decision.

Reliability: Maintaining consistent quality and dependable performance in all aspects of your operations.

Production and Supply of Various Petroleum and Chemicals Products

Kimiya Johar Co. was established in 2017 with the aim of supplying chemical and petrochemical raw materials needed by domestic and foreign downstream industries. The company specializes in importing and supplying various chemical materials required by various industries such as textiles, paper making, etc. as well as exporting petrochemical and chemical materials, and various hydrocarbons.

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Projects Under Implementation


Production of Hydrogen Peroxide

Production of high-quality Hydrogen peroxide with concentrations of 35% and 50% using the best raw materials


Export of Petrochemicals

Establishing sustainable and reliable solutions for the supply of raw materials from Iran


Production of knowledge-based Aviation Fuel

Production of passenger aircraft fuel with the quality of Russian A1 fuel


Import of Special and Rare Materials

Import of Special and Rare Materials for Specific Industries


Desulfurization of Gas Condensate

Desulfurization of gas condensates to less than 10 ppm.

Why Kimiya Johar

Sales support

Kimia Johar has always been in contact with its customers by utilizing experienced specialists (with relevant academic credentials). The sales experts, while simultaneously registering the customer's request via telephone or the company's website, consider it their duty to provide the customer with information and prices, and collaborate with them on appropriate transportation methods and avoiding additional domestic shipping costs. The relevant specialist continuously supports and follows up on the loading and delivery stages of the product, keeping the customer informed of the execution process and providing an opportunity for the customer to be aware of the progress of their product supply according to prior planning.

Loading from the factory

The company's products are sent directly from the factory, and even buyers with lower tonnage requirements can purchase from the stockpiles located in public warehouses in Tehran. Products from other manufacturers are also directly sent from their factories to wholesale buyers, and some other items are delivered to customers from ports, customs, or public warehouses in Tehran and other cities.

It is worth mentioning that a specialist is in continuous contact with the buyer from the time of order placement until loading and delivery of the product, keeping the buyer informed of the process throughout.

Product Report

The expert in charge of each product sales request and project handles all the execution stages of the work, including delivery schedule, loading and shipping of goods (exact weight of goods, type of packaging, number of bags or sacks), sending official invoices, and so on, and reports each step to the buyer.

In the case of export goods, a complete report is provided on loading, delivery, and the provision of documents such as the invoice and packing list, as well as the certificate of origin and international inspection report, which are timely provided to the buyer.

In Time Delivery

Delivery on time is one of the important daily and work-related issues in the company, and we know that delivering the product on time on the one hand and guaranteeing the quantity and quality of the product and offering a reasonable price on the other hand increases customer trust. Continuation of this trend undoubtedly leads to more order receipts in line with customer orientation, and this is an important advantage for this company and other producers and suppliers. Therefore, delivering the product on time is one of the slogans of the company.

Our Team Members

Hadi Rezayi CEO of kimiyajohar

Hadi Rezayi Arjmand

Chairman of the Board
Ehsan Ara - Chairman of the board of kimiyajohar

Ehsan Ara

Executive Director - Member of the Board​​ of kimiyajohar

Amir Novin

Executive Director - Member of the Board​
Mohammad Hadi Zamanlu - Export Manger of kimiyajohar

Mohammadi Hadi Zamanlu

Foreign Trade Manager

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The primary focus of Kimiya Johar's development is on the authenticity of raw materials and customer orientation. Providing products with guaranteed analysis and distinct quality is crucial to maintaining our credibility.