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Explore our exceptional range of petroleum products, encompassing heavy and light hydrocarbons, along with our renowned Jet Fuel (Aviation Fuel).

Our heavy hydrocarbons are ideal for various industrial applications, while our light hydrocarbons find versatility in solvent extraction and chemical synthesis. Rest assured, our Jet Fuel meets rigorous aviation standards, ensuring peak performance and safety. Count on us as your trusted source for top-quality petroleum solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs.



Aviation Fuel

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Aviation fuel is a specialized type of fuel used by aircraft to power their engines. It is a highly refined form of petroleum-based fuel that has strict standards for quality and performance.

JET A-1 is a kerosene-type fuel. It is compatible with most jet aircraft, both civil and military, helicopter turbine engines, turboprops and compression-ignition piston engines. It has a boiling point of 150°C-250°C, a flashpoint over 38.0ºC (100ºF) and a maximum melting point of -47.0ºC.

Aviation fuel comes in two main types: Jet A, which is used by commercial and military jet aircraft, and Avgas, which is used by smaller general aviation aircraft. Both types of fuel are designed to provide the necessary energy for aircraft engines to operate at high altitudes and speeds. The production and distribution of aviation fuel is regulated by international and national authorities to ensure safety and consistency in its use.


Heavy hydrocarbon

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Heavy hydrocarbons are a class of hydrocarbons that have a high molecular weight and boiling point, such as crude oil, bitumen, and heavy fuel oil. They are typically used as feedstocks for the production of various petroleum-based products, including gasoline, diesel, and lubricants. Additionally, heavy hydrocarbons can be processed into specialized products, such as asphalt, waxes, and petrochemicals. Due to their complex composition, heavy hydrocarbons require specialized refining processes to break them down into usable products. The demand for heavy hydrocarbons is driven by the global energy industry, and their availability and price can have a significant impact on the cost of energy production.


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