Jet Fuel - ATK; Aviation Turbine Kerosine

Reliable aviation fuel, directly from the refinery

Cas No.


Chemical name

Aviation Turbine Kerosine


Kimiya Johar

About Jet Fuel

ATK jet fuel is meticulously crafted at our advanced refinery to adhere to, and surpass, the stringent standards set by IATA, ASTM, and all other pertinent regulations. Our unwavering dedication to rigorous quality control ensures exceptional operational performance for your aircraft. Highly skilled personnel meticulously manage every step of the journey, from production to final delivery, guaranteeing pristine fuel arrives directly in your aircraft’s tanks.

Key Benefits of: Jet fuel ATK

  • Clean  – Pristine Purity:
    Expert handling by our skilled personnel, from production to delivery, guarantees contaminant-free fuel entering your aircraft tanks. Every step, from storage to transportation, is meticulously managed for optimal purity.
  • Unmatched Dryness:
    Our careful storage practices and meticulously maintained facilities ensure zero water content in your Jet Fuel ATK. No condensation surprises, just predictable reliability.
  • On spec – Precise Specifications:
    Produced directly at our own refinery, we hold complete control over every aspect of Jet Fuel ATK’s quality. This meticulous attention to detail ensures every batch meets and exceeds the most stringent industry specifications.
  • On time – On-Demand Delivery:
    Ample storage capacity guarantees prompt and reliable delivery, whenever and wherever you need it. No fuel shortages, just seamless operations for your peace of mind.
  • Reliable availability – Unwavering Availability:
    By overseeing the entire chain, from production to fueling, we guarantee consistent access to Jet Fuel ATK. No external disruptions, just the unwavering flow of fuel to keep your operations running smoothly.
  • Bonus:
    Superior Performance: Our unwavering commitment to quality translates into exceptional engine performance and optimal fuel efficiency for your aircraft.
Kimiyajohar, Jet Fuel (Aviation Kerosene) Product Data Sheet: A detailed document providing comprehensive information about our high-quality jet fuel product. It includes specifications, performance characteristics, safety considerations, and recommended usage for aviation applications.

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