Soda Ash

SODIUM CARBONATE: Purity for Every Application

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The Power of a Powder: How Soda Ash Shapes Our World

While over half of soda ash production goes into glassmaking, its applications extend far beyond windows and bottles. This versatile material finds use in a surprising range of products, including:

  • Cleaning Products:
    Soda ash acts as a key ingredient in powdered detergents and soaps, boosting their cleaning power.
  • Batteries:
    It plays a role in the production of rechargeable batteries, powering our everyday devices.
  • Metal Refining:
    Soda ash is used extensively in metallurgical processes, helping to refine various metals.
  • Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals:
    This wonder ingredient even finds its way into these industries, though its presence might be invisible to consumers.
  • Environmental Hero:
    Beyond its industrial uses, soda ash is increasingly becoming a champion for the environment. It helps reduce polluting emissions by removing sulfur dioxide and other harmful chemicals from exhaust fumes in ships and industrial facilities. This contributes to cleaner air for everyone.

Soda Ash is available in two different grades

  • Bulk Density: ~1 t per m³ (High)
  • Particle-Median-Diameter (D50): 300 to 500 microns (Large Particles)
  • Applications: Preferred for glass manufacturing due to:
    • Reduced Dust: Granular properties minimize dust generation during handling and transport.
    • Minimized Segregation: Consistent particle size reduces separation during transport and storage.
  • Bulk Density: ~0,5 t per m³ 
  • Particle-Median-Diameter (D50): AROUND 100 microns 
  • Applications: This grade is very well suited for detergent and chemical applications.

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Soda Ash in everyday use

Soda Ash is used in thousands of products we all use every day

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