Caustic Soda flakes

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Chemical name

Sodium hydroxide, solid

Product Summary

Sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda, is a strong alkali commonly used in various industries. It is a white, crystalline solid with hygroscopic properties and can dissolve easily in water, releasing heat. Produced through membrane electrolysis, it has low chloride and iron content, making it suitable for meeting Kosher requirements.

The versatile uses of sodium hydroxide span across industries such as chemicals, textiles, household products, pulp and paper, rubber, and pharmaceuticals. It is involved in the cleaning process in the food industry as well.

In the cosmetics industry, sodium hydroxide is used for producing soap, detergents, exfoliating masks, and aseptic products. It plays a crucial role in the petrochemical industry for refining crude oil, mineral oils, pitches, and asphalts, as well as in shale gas extraction. Additionally, it is utilized in refining and coking plants to modify coking coal-derived products and obtain aluminum from bauxite processing in the steel and metallurgical industries.

The paper and cellulose industry heavily relies on sodium hydroxide for pulping wood, separating lignin from cellulose fibers in the Kraft process, and subsequent bleaching stages. In the construction industry, it contributes to cement mixing, reducing water requirements and preventing segregation. Sodium hydroxide is also involved in the production of waterglass and pigments/dyes for paints.

As an ingredient in surfactants, detergents, and water treatment processes, sodium hydroxide finds applications in cleaning agents, degreasers, water softeners, and textile dye production. Its alkaline properties help reduce corrosiveness and remove toxic metals from drinking water. In agriculture, caustic soda is utilized for disinfecting livestock premises, milking equipment, and containers. It also aids in plant disease control and hive cleaning in fruit farming and beekeeping, respectively.

In summary, sodium hydroxide is an essential raw material with diverse applications across industries, ranging from manufacturing to agriculture.

Properties and applications

pH regulation and neutralization in chemical processes.

Mercerization in the textile industry.

Dyeing and printing processes in the textile industry.

Production of household cleaning products (e.g., drain cleaners, oven cleaners).

Pulping, delignification, and bleaching processes in the paper and pulp industry.

Soap production (solid and liquid) through saponification.

Manufacturing of detergents and cleaning agents.

Water treatment to adjust pH levels and remove heavy metals.

Refining of crude oil and petrochemical processes.

Extraction of alumina from bauxite in the aluminum industry.

Cleaning and sanitizing equipment in the food processing industry.

pH adjustment in certain food processes.

Preservation of food products.

Industrial cleaning and degreasing applications.

pH adjustment in water-based paints and coatings.

Regeneration of ion exchange resins in water softening systems.

Treatment of wastewater and effluent.

Manufacture of synthetic fibers and textiles.

Removal of stubborn stains and coatings.

pH adjustment in swimming pools and spa water treatment.

Alternative names

Sodium hydroxide, solid, Sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, Caustic Soda NaOH, solid NaOH, Natrium hydroxid, Sodium hydrate, Caustic soda 98%
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